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The transformation of the iron and steel industry is imperative

China's iron and steel industry has accumulated some problems during the high-speed development of many years. The solution of these problems requires that China's iron and steel industry must realize transformation.

First of all, from the national level on the basis of economic development on the basis of overall development, the development of China's economic development must highlight the main role and promotion of the real economy, that is, the focus of China's economic development should be the development of the real economy. We must encourage technological innovation to serve the real economy and serve the steel industry.

One billion and three hundred million in China, the real economy is the foundation of the real economy. The real economy is no longer a prominent scale, but a stronger and bigger one. At present, China's corporate tax burden is high in the whole world. It is difficult to achieve comprehensive tax reduction, but structural tax reduction policy is imperative. Some domestic taxes and fees are obviously unreasonable. It is estimated that if the highway tax cuts, China's logistics costs will drop by more than a half. Therefore, we should change the mode of management, change the system and mechanism of management, reform our economic system and the reform of our management should be confident for our cause.

"The eighteen major" proposed that in 2020, the gross domestic product and the income of residents doubled in 2010. For the steel industry, this means that before 2020, China's steel production may reach a peak. This peak is about 7.8 billion tons to 8.1 billion tons. Is it necessary to reform the peak now? When does the peak come? This is also related to the international situation. If the peak value of international crude steel output will peak soon. When the peak is reached, depending on the needs of the domestic and international markets, the peak can be reached in one or two years according to the current production capacity, but the market is not allowed. To sober up, it is impossible to solve the problem of excess capacity by increasing GDP.

From the enterprise level, in the era of meager profits, enterprises should establish their own market positioning, and enterprises should achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation based on their own cooperation.