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About Grand faith


Arty ornament crown culture is not a business, after more than a business success. Cultural enterprises to integrate into the flesh, to become corporate members of the blood.

Building the unique macro loyalty cultural formation of common values, norms of behavior of employees, and continue to create new results. Internal spontaneous formation of macro strong cohesion and employee loyalty centripetal force; foreign enhance market competitiveness and brand affinity.

The building a macro loyalty Features corporate culture, is an important part of the management of macro loyalty actively explore the conversion of traditional culture and modern culture so advanced blend of cultural values and market economic activities.

HongZhong spirit: unity, innovation, pragmatism, professionalism, dedication.

Competition concept: core power to grasp the initiative in the market is never complacent, always enterprising spirit of innovation.

Employing the concept: our talents to build a full stage show. Professional skills and continuous learning employees are our greatest asset. Constantly absorbing, nurturing, nurturing of talent is a macro loyalty lifeblood. Company creating loyal, loyal career, loyal personality macro loyalty highly qualified staff.

Business philosophy: a deliberate decision-making, operational integrity, carefully managed, be prepared to honest, make friends.

Macro loyalty strategy: recruit before weight before and strategizing, Lianhaoneigong, speaking real dry, the first peer.

The target macro loyalty: combination of trade promotion work, industry and trade, access to information, market-leading, macro loyalty products are sold Kyushu.